Why Siteground?

So why choose siteground?

Before that, do you know what a ‘web host’ or ‘hosting company’ is?

Why would your website need a hosting company?

If you do, then skip the following explanation and jump to the ‘Here’s why we think SiteGround is the best choice’ section.

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what is a 'web host'?

Well, here’s the thing, a website is a group of files (images, programs, services … etc.) in order for people to access it, it has to be saved on a special computer that is always connected to the internet, which is called a ‘server’, and an address has to be assigned to it (the address in this case is the domain name, such as example.com or simplesitefor.me).

A ‘web host’ or a ‘hosting company’ is a company that owns such computers and that also provide the services you need to manage your website. All what people have to do to access your website is to enter its address in their browsers and your website will be loaded to their browsers so they view and access it.

here's why we think siteground is the best choice

Well it’s hard to list all the reasons, so we’ll try to list the ones relevant to you:

Easy to use

SiteGround has its own ‘control panel’, which you can use to manage your websites, it is straight forward, easy to navigate and use, and that’s not all; SiteGround made it easy for you to do a lot of tasks that are difficult to do at other hosting companies, or require you to contact the support team of the hosting company to do it for you.

It’s easy to setup your website, it’s easy to upgrade your plan once you need more space or features, it’s easy to keep your website up to date (actually, this is mostly done automatically by SiteGround for you!)

You will love doing stuff on SiteGround!

70% discount

This discount is applied on your first year with SiteGround or the period that you pay for when you first sign up. Meaning, you will get a 70% discount on your first year subscription if you choose to pay monthly or annually (for 12 months in advance), but if you choose to pay for 24 months or 36 months in advance when you first sign up, you will get that discount for the whole chosen period! Pretty awesome right?!

Great, and fast, support

This is not just our opinion; all those who tried their support fell in love with them!

You’ll see that for yourself. Oh, and support is available in English, Spanish, and Italian (so far).

High quality, better than the rest

Well, one thing for sure, SiteGround is highly recommended (you can research that and see the amount of recommendations out there for SiteGround), but that’s not the reason we think that they are better than the rest; we speak from experience. We did use other hosting companies, but SiteGround is the best! They have a high quality service that beats a lot of those big names out there. Websites hosted on SiteGround load faster, which is extremely important if you don’t want your audience to get bored fast and leave your website, and if you want to make your website easier to discover through Google. A regular user might get bored if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load in their browser!

One fact we stumbled upon was that there is a number of big name hosting companies that were acquired by one company, and ever since then, the quality of their services dropped. But SiteGround, an independent company, is not one of them! 

Their service as a whole is amazing, you will see it for yourself and discover some more as you use their service.

A small test

Here’s a small test that we did on a website that we transferred to SiteGround; we performed a speed test (loading test) for the website before transferring it to SiteGround, and then performed the same test after transferring the site to SiteGround. Check the results before the transfer:

Overall Score:


Loading time:

3.38 seconds (slow!)


Now check the test results after we transferred the site to SiteGround:

Overall Score:


Loading time: 

1.89 seconds (much faster!)

You can see the big difference! SiteGround has a high quality service that we just love!

If you decided to go with SiteGround as a host for your website, you can check our ‘How to Sign Up for SiteGround‘ tutorial. 

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