How it works

We’ll give you here an idea about how the process of our service works in general.

First, contact us and inform us that you are interested in our services, feel free to ask any questions you might have. it’s okay if you don’t have a clear picture yet, we can discuss this until you get a clear picture of what you want, and we obtain your requirements.

When we agree on your requirements and you are ready to order, it’s time for you to sign up with a hosting company in order to obtain a hosting plan, and buy a domain. If you already signed up with a hosting company and already have a domain, that’s fine too.

But please, if you intend to sign up with a hosting company then order our service, then it is better to contact us first and wait till we contact you back, so that you wouldn’t lose more days of your money back guarantee.

Please provide us with the following information so we can start working on your website:

  • Hosting username and password: this depends on the host; hosts who still use cPanel, will give you a special link for your cPanel in addition for a special username and password for your cPanel. You need to provide us with all three (cPanel’s link, username, and password). If you signed up with a host that doesn’t use cPanel, like SiteGround, then you need to provide your username and password, so we can access your user area and build your website.
  • Your desired email, username, and password for your website, which you will use later to access the dashboard of your website. We need them for the website setting up process.
  • Domain name pointing information: if you purchased your domain name from your hosting company, the domain name pointing process should be done automatically. If you bought it from a different registrar; then we need to point that domain to your website, to do that we need to copy and paste the DNS (Domain Name System) names from the hosting company to the domain registrar. We shall need your domain registrar user name and password to do that. We can also help you, if you would like to do it yourself.
  • Your website’s title and tagline, so we can add them to the website. It’s okay if you would like to add them later on by yourself.
  • Subject of your website: there are certain topics that we don’t do due to ethical reasons: adult/nudity/NSFW stuff, drugs, alcohol, gambling … please inform us about the subject of your website when you first contact us.
  • Any additional information or assets (such as your logo) that you think that we might need. Of course, we will ask for any additional information that we might need while building your website.

And that’s about it! After that just sit back and wait for us till we contact you back when your website is ready.