You can have it built for FREE

We want to build a website for you!

Do you need a simple, yet professionally looking, website?

You could be a doctor or a dentist and you need a website for your practice, an app developer and you want to have a website for your app(s) where, not only you can host the privacy policy of your app(s), but you can also show links for direct download of your apps in addition to screenshots, news … etc.

You might want to start blogging and need a professionally looking blog with your own domain and other features that you see on top blogs.

You want a professionally looking email address that matches your domain (

You might have a different case than the mentioned above but still have the same need; a professional, modern looking, simple website, with your own domain; something that would represent you the right way on the web, yet it doesn’t break the bank, especially with the Corona Virus (COVID-19) outbreak; you need to cut cost and you need to boost, or build, your online business.

so what options did you have

If you approach a company they might ask for an average of $500 to build you such a website.

If you hire a freelancer, they might ask for something between $50 and $100, sometimes more.

You might go to one of those site builders and build it your site by yourself, but it won’t be as you wanted it to be, not as professional or modern, and it will look lame … plus, you might find out that you have to pay for certain features, or to remove ads or to edit certain sections of your website, you’ll eventually find out that it’s not actually free or cheap!

what do we offer

Here at Simple Site For Me (SSFM), we provide a service to build that simple, yet professional, and modern looking website for you FOR FREE!

Yup, you read that right, we will set up WordPress (it’s okay if you don’t know what that is, we’ll take care of it for you, and you can find out what it is exactly here), we’ll work on the appearance, the functions of the website, for free.

here's what you'll get for free


A simple, professional and modern looking website that has:

  • up to 3 pages: that can include a ‘Home page’, an ‘About’ page, and a ‘Contact us’ page (with a contact form and/or your contact information).
    Of course, it’s up to you to decide what kind of pages you want to have on your website.
    Content will be provided by you of course, and we will upload it to your site.
  • Responsive design: meaning it will automatically adjust itself according to screen size, this is extremely useful if users view it on their mobile phones or tablets, and it will make it easier to be discovered by search engines, especially Google.
  • Fast loading: websites have to load on a browser within less than 3 seconds، else, users will be bored and leave it! We’ll make sure it loads fast.
  • SSL certificate: it is essential that your website’s address starts with ‘https:’ instead of ‘http:’ , This means that it is ‘secure’. This is essential, because Google is punishing websites that are not ‘secure’, and you don’t want the user to see a ‘Not secure’ warning message on their browsers when they try to reach your website!
  • Professional email: (e.g. not well this depends on the hosting company that you choose, if they include free emails in the hosting plan, and you would like us to set it up for you, we’ll be happy to set up one email for you.

Of course, we have a limit of one free website setup per user. If you need more, we’ll be happy to set it up for you at the best price. Please check our extra services section below. Please note that our service includes building the website and applying proper settings; so the above mentioned features depend on the hosting company and the hosting plan that you choose.

Check the ‘How it Works’ page for more information about our service and how to get it.

Extra (paid) services


If the above is not enough for you, you can contact us and inform us about what you need and we will do it for the best price.

Do you need more pages? Translation?

May be you need more pages, more languages (two or more), you might need a bilingual website, especially if you’re targeting a non-english speaking audience, or if your audience speak multiple languages. Content shall be provided by you for both languages, if you have the content in one language and need it to be translated to another language, we’ll be happy to do it at the best price.

Whatever it is, just let us know what extra features you might need and we’ll do our best to provide it at the best price.



We have a few things that we are obliged to tell you:

We include hosting companies affiliate links on this website, if you sign up with a hosting company through these links, they pay us a  commission, of course there will be no extra cost for you, in fact, you will still get the special discount that those companies offer, in addition to the money back guarantee period given by the hosting companies as well.

If you sign up through our affiliate links, and as a result we get a commission, you will help us continue to provide this service for free, and other services at awesome prices. We want to help other people to have an online presence, especially with the Corona Virus (COVID-19) outbreak; hard times demand collaboration. 

You get your website built for free and we get a commission; it’s a risk-free, win-win, deal for you!

Here are the companies that give us commissions:




If you still think that we should be paid, or of you would like to buy us a cup of coffee, we will not argue; the customer is always right!

Feel free to send us money through our admin’s PayPal.

Check the ‘How it Works’ page for more information about our service and how to get it.f